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king of chaos

4:30 – We read in the scripture, the proven word of God, that God is love, God is peace, He is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
21:45 – God created the angels to perform functions where the existence of God is not necessary or simply devastating. God gave the angels immense powers. One angel can hold the planet Earth in one hand.
25:45 – The first reason for creating the human race was to expose Satan.
28:20 – If we choose Satan’s kingdom, we belong in Satan’s kingdom. If we choose God’s kingdom, then we belong in God’s kingdom. This choice depends on siding with God’s point of view or Satan’s point of view. God’s point of view is that God alone is Lord of the universes and He has no partners, no other gods beside Him. Satan’s point of view is that God alone is not enough and there can/must be other gods beside Him.
29:50 – Satan is being tested as a god. The results are all around us: famine, starvation, misery, accidents, cancer. Satan’s kingdom is plagued with these problems. These problems don’t exist in God’s kingdom.
30:45 – God’s kingdom has no cancer, accidents, headaches, or problems. God’s kingdom is characterized by perfect health, wealth, peace, and happiness.
31:20 – When you choose God’s point of view, you belong in God’s kingdom and you will have no headaches (you’ll forget what headaches are), problems, traffic tickets, financial or health problems, accidents, misery, marital problems, etc.
33:00 – Satan’s trying very hard to make his kingdom a perfect kingdom. He wants very badly his constituents to enjoy perfect health, wealth, peace, and happiness, but he just can’t.
38:10 – What you see around the world is the consequence of Satan’s incompetence as a god.
38:30 – If God wills, He can make all the people believers, so why doesn’t He? Where would Satan get his constituents, otherwise? We’re here to provide Satan with constituents. We have freedom of choice.
39:40 – If you have any problems whatsoever, this will be your hint that you have made the choice to side with Satan’s kingdom, somehow. Examine your own life.
41:15 – To exit Satan’s kingdom, you have to come to a solid, unshakeable conclusion that God alone is Lord of the universe and no one besides God can help or harm you.
42:15 – When you make the claim that you believe God alone is the Lord of the universe, you have to be put to the test to show that it’s not just lip service.
43:00 – God does not inflict any harm on His creation.
43:30 – Starts discussing four kinds of disasters. Admission tests are designed to show that we uphold this conviction, that God alone is the Lord of the universe without any idols, under all circumstances and are characterized by the fact that they don’t leave permanent damage. Then, you’re admitted into God’s kingdom.
44:25 – Educational disasters are designed to bring us back into God’s kingdom if we sway out. If we make a mistake and step out, Satan captures you and gives you a problem. This will be your attention-getter for you to come back.
45:25 – Blessings in disguise appear to be disasters, but when they are passed, you look back on them and discover that they were actually good for you. If you flunk an interview and don’t get a job, you discover later that with time, you got a better job and that other job would’ve been bad for you.
46:10 – Retributive disasters happen when a society or individual reaches the point of corruption where there is no reform. Gives example of Sodom and Gomorrah.
46:55 – A retributive disaster is the only “disaster” you may attribute to God, but this ended their life, the final blow. Death is not a disaster.
48:45 – You cannot believe in God, just in case there is a God.
50:20 – Your decision to join God’s kingdom must be accompanied by repentance, remorse for wrong things you’ve done in the past.
52:20 – Why do children suffer? When we side with Satan’s point of view, we move ourselves and our families out of God’s kingdom into Satan’s kingdom.
53:20 – The suffering and death of those children is a blessing in disguise because they go straight to Heaven.
1:00:30 – If you believe that anyone other than the One who created you can benefit you, then you have fallen into idol worship.

Old message, new messenger

3:10 – Rashad announces that he has been commissioned a messenger of God. He has known since 1980. He calls himself a coward.
3:50 – Talks about general tendency to resent anybody saying that they’re better than you. Resentment in this case results from ignorance and idol worship because a messenger of God is not necessarily better than anyone else in the congregation (gives example of Moses and his teacher).
6:05 – Rashad used to go to saints to ask for help. He was an idol worshiper.
7:05 – If a person is commissioned as a messenger of God, they aren’t guaranteed Heaven. They’re worried about their own necks.
8:25 – He says he’s not a professional religionist and wouldn’t allow a penny to enter his pocket from religious activities.
9:00 – The best among you is the most righteous, not the messengers of God, richest, tallest, or most knowledgeable. God uses messengers to communicate with us as a center of information and they have a difficult job because they endure abuse, slander, and threats.
11:55 – A prophet delivers a scripture while a messenger confirms existing scripture.
14:10 – Why does God send messengers? It’s a test to see what you’re going to do, as well as a test of ego.
16:45 – God will actively send away the arrogant.
17:25 – God made it mandatory that a messenger comes with proof that he is authorized and sent by God.
20:00 – Talks about mathematical signs he was shown that he was a messenger of God.
28:25 – Talks about Zakat. We harvest paychecks. The day you receive your paycheck, you give away 2.5% from your net income to people who know who are in need.
29:40 – Talks about accumulating small amounts of Zakat until it’s a reasonable amount. Don’t go beyond a month.
30:10 – Chances are this 2.5% from your check are illegitimate or illicit. Talks about purifying your income.
36:10 – Tells story of when he was fired as a messenger.
47:45 – Before the human race came here, there was no death. The road to God is full of traps for people to fall off, the drop-outs. Some people drop out when they hear that he’s a messenger of God and it’s part of the sifting process.
55:20 – God has forsaken the Arabs; Arabs meaning in the Arabian Peninsula. Not a single Arab has seen and appreciated the miracle of the Quran.
56:50 – Convinced seven pairs means seven pairs of centuries.
1:00:00 – Orphans are children who have lost one or both parents either through divorce, abandonment, or death. Traveling aliens may be people who sneak into this country from Mexico, have no jobs, are hungry, etc.
1:00:40 – The Muslims’ fasting is wrong because they sleep all day, stay up all night, and they use fasting as an excuse to be nasty. Their timing of the moon is always wrong.
1:05:50 – Talks about Sura 7:35. For as long as there are children of Adam on Earth, this verse is valid about messengers coming to you from among you.
1:07:00 – Messengership seems to be a test of ego for the people.
1:11:50 – Every human is required to believe in the proven messengers to be saved.

principles of friday prayers

1:45 – The Friday Congregational Prayer is an obligatory duty upon every Muslim man and woman. This is a social function decreed by God Almighty for the Muslims to get together and know each other and be familiar with their problems and joys.
2:10 – Explains Sura 62:9. If someone’s afraid of losing business during the Friday Prayer, God is saying He will make it up to you. He’s the only Provider and guarantees you doing better if you go to the Friday Prayer, instead.
2:45 – Emphasizes the attendance of women at the Friday Prayer. The Muslim woman must be the best educated because she teaches the children, so it’s essential for them not to be ignorant.
4:15 – Conditions for the Friday Prayer include that the people dress nicely and they go for the Noon Prayer on Friday to the mosque.
5:45 – During the sermon, any names are necessarily mentioned as lessons or examples. During the prayer itself, only the name of God is mentioned.
6:40 – The Friday Prayer consists of two sermons. The two sermons compensate for two rakats. They must begin by stating Alhamdulillah, followed by the Shahada.
7:55 – The sermon should be in a language that the people understand. The sermon deals with the local conditions of the local community, a general lesson from the Quran, or a general religious lesson.
11:25 – You end the first sermon by asking the people to repent (Tooboo Ela Allah).
12:20 – To repent, you ask God to forgive you and say that you’ll never commit a sin after now and you mean it. Of course you fall in sin again, but God says He loves those who continuously repent. Sit down to repent for no longer than a minute.
13:35 – You can either continue the subject from the first sermon or talk about something new in the second sermon.
13:50 – End the second sermon by saying Aqem Al-Salat and someone from the congregation says the Azan.
16:25 – Everyone in the mosque stands up in straight lines behind the imam for the Friday Prayer.
18:40 – Seeking God’s kingship over you means that you give priority to God’s commandments.
19:30 – You put Quran studies on the list of your priorities. You have to work your circumstances around them. You can’t be somewhere within fifty miles of the mosque while there is a Quran study going on or else, you don’t really care and you’re not seeking God’s kingship over you.
20:10 – Give priority to the activities of the believers. Force yourself to be with the believers; it takes some effort and work and it’s not easy (Sura 18:28).
20:45 – Says to pay Zakat once a year (corrected himself in Audio #38 at 15:50) to people you know personally who need it and talks about order of Zakat.
22:00 – Give priority to Hajj eventually, not now. He does not advise you to do it now. The Quran makes it conditional. Talks about all of them going one day and chartering a plane. It will be a great victory because the land over there will be worshiping God alone. This is God’s promise to us.
23:05 – You give priorities to God’s commandments, seeking God’s kingship over you, and this way you attain all other goals.
23:55 – The secret of happiness is a developed soul. Gives example of Eddie Murphy.
25:15 – God is the exclusive Provider. He’s the One who decides how much money you make from birth to death. He provides for the body and the soul. The Contact Prayers are a provision from God to the soul.
26:30 – God guides people by virtue of their belief (Sura 10:9). You cannot do the Contact Prayers without God’s guidance.
28:15 – Observing the Contact Prayers is a privilege, gift, blessing, etc. It’s not a hardship or work.
29:00 – People in Satan’s kingdom are provided with sins. When Satan collects people into his kingdom, he pushes them to not feed their soul.
30:30 – People in Satan’s kingdom may observe the Contact Prayers, but they don’t make contact with God because they dial the wrong number, Satan’s number, by mentioning other names beside God. Their efforts are in vain.
33:40 – It’s appropriate to say congratulations at the end of the prayer because you just received a gift from God, equivalent to a hundred million dollars in your account.
34:40 – God’s laws are commandments because we should do them and recommendations because we are free not to do them as long as we are ready to pay the price.
35:40 – There are two requirements that must be fulfilled for two people to get married, one of which is love.
36:05 – Love cannot happen without good acquaintance with the person. You must know the person, their habits, their temper, and their principles. This calls for a period of acquaintance, getting to know each other, and based on that knowledge, you either love them or not. If you love the person, then you get married.
36:55 – God says that if this is the person intended for you, God will put love in your hearts.
37:30 – The second requirement for marriage is dowry for the wife. The purpose of the dowry is security for the woman. In many cases, you take the girl from her parents’ house, then she becomes dependent on the husband and you can’t just throw her out after a year or two because she’s not the same person; marriage is a formidable oath.
38:20 – A dowry can be paid in advance by writing a contract or say if a divorce takes place, the wife must be given a certain amount of money to provide her with security. Divorcees must be given alimony. You must guarantee her housing and you can’t kick her out of the house or make conditions so bad that she leaves on her own.
39:45 – The requirement of love must be satisfied before becoming intimate.
40:00 – What happens in most Muslim countries is that they do the official marriage, but then the husband and wife don’t touch each other or become intimate. This official marriage gives them the chance to be together alone, hold hands, go places, know each other, then after a while, the marriage is consummated. During this period, if it doesn’t work out, they break up.
41:35-41:45 – Talks about having a chaperone.
42:00 – All the commandments are based on self-discipline and self-control. The humans become worse than animals when self-control is lost.
44:10 – The Quran leaves room for forfeiting the dowry if the wife is independently wealthy and being married, unmarried, divorced, or widowed won’t affect her security, then she can forfeit the dowry.
46:00 – It’s best for a couple to follow these prescriptions even if it may look difficult in the beginning. Some people may think if I don’t acquiesce to him, then he’s going to leave me and find somebody else; let him because that love is not there anymore. If you follow these steps, you’ll be guaranteed happiness.
46:50 – Self-discipline and self-control are easy when the soul is grown, developed, and stronger than the body, which is what the practices of religion are all about.
48:15 – Discusses what the Quran and Islam does to us, e.g. alcohol and drugs aren’t on his mind at all. They’re out of the question, no way he’ll even think about trying or being tempted by them. The mechanism is that the soul is stronger than the body.
50:35 – Gives same example with prostitutes not even being on his mind.
52:20 – Talks about proclaiming God’s blessings.
53:35 – Talks about polygamy and example of Muhammad. Muhammad was married to one wife for 25 years and after she died, he married old women with children and no support. He had political marriages, too, as tribal traditions.
55:10 – God hates divorce. Almost invariably, children are victimized; same with the husband and wife themselves. Avoid divorce at any cost.
56:25 – Marriage is a tremendous and formidable contract.

god is running everything – part 1

4:05 – You do not believe in God unless you know God as He really is with all His qualities, especially that God runs everything and is doing everything. Accept whatever is happening to you personally or in the world to anybody.
5:00 – “God is running everything” should dominate your life even mentally (new zikr/dhikr). The world will look different to you. You’ll get reminded not to object this way.
5:30 – You’re not a believer if you lose your temper.
6:05 – Even the things that Satan is doing, they’re following God’s law. Everything is going in accordance with God’s will.
9:50 – When you lose your temper, tell yourself you’re not a Muslim. You’re objecting because God is running everything. When someone does something that gets on your nerves, God is doing it because you deserve it.
11:35 – Even though we are given the freedom of choice, God knows exactly what you will do.
12:00 – When Satan inflicts disasters, diseases, or cancer on people, Satan is doing this in accordance with God’s law.
12:40 – The punisher is really Satan, but God is doing everything. Even Satan’s actions are under God’s control. God wouldn’t be a god if He wasn’t running everything.
13:35 – Gives example of either putting your finger in the fire or using it in your service.
14:10 – Punishment of disobeying God’s law isn’t as visible, but you will pay for it.
15:05 – We have the free decision to be with God or not and after that, God takes over. We either willingly submit or unwillingly submit.
16:10 – Angels have freedom of choice. All creatures have freedom of choice until the Day of Judgment. Dwellers of Hell submit on the Day of Judgment, too.
16:55 – If we believe anybody is doing anything, this is idol worship because you’re putting somebody who’s doing something next to God. It negates the idea that God runs everything.
18:15 – Complaining is objecting.
21:30 – For your own good, you shouldn’t be upset, complain, or fight. It backfires manifold, like when you say a hurting word or give a hurting look.
21:50 – Talks about suspicion. Seek excuses for the people, even if your suspicion is true.
23:15 – If someone is acting in a certain way against you, it’s because of something you’ve done. Join them against yourself because of something you’ve done.
24:30 – Let other people be upset, complain, and call you names. You take the defeated side for your own good. There’s nothing in this world that is worth being upset about. Believing that God runs everything is better than owning everything in this world and twice as much.
25:50 – Gives example of being invited to have lunch with the president at the White House. Five times a day, you have an appointment with the King of kings. Talks about seeking excuses for not praying versus going to the White House.
27:35 – Talks about eating and drinking in moderation (not filling your stomach too much).
28:25-30:40 – Talks about how long it would take you to count the number of stars (uses quintillion stars as an example). It would take you 32 billion years to just count them and God created them, so you can appreciate the greatness of God.
33:25 – Gives invocation before pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Recites Al-Fatehah (old translation), then concludes by saying Amen.
35:30 – You are either with God or Satan; there’s no other choice. After that, you are either guided by God or messed up by Satan.
36:45 – The human is made up of two entities: body and soul.
41:10 – Says Rock Hudson broke God’s law and died in humiliation (he was a homosexual and died from AIDS).
42:30 – The soul is part of God because God says He blew into Adam from My spirit.
43:50 – Anything that we do that is not developing our soul is a waste of time. Anything you do that has nothing to do with God is a waste of time. Anything you do for God causes your soul to grow and develop.
47:10 – The first thing a Muslim says in the morning is Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, La Elaha Ella Allah, Wahdahu La Shareekala (in the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, there is no other god besides God and He has no partners). This is what you would say when you get up on the Day of Resurrection, whatever you say every morning.
48:20 – If saying that is a habit here, it’ll also be a habit on the Day of Judgment. God will see to it; He will help you.
49:25 – A Muslim commemorates God every chance they get and is always conscious of God.
52:35 – Anytime you don’t go to the Friday Prayer, you’re out of God’s grace. It’s a commandment for every Friday to drop all business and go. God will see to it that you make more money and more profit.
58:15 – When you miss a Friday Prayer for any reason, it’s a terrible loss. It’s a commandment to go to the Congregational Prayer once a week where you meet your brothers and sisters and you miss a lot when you do this.
1:01:15 – Talks about not saying Ameen. It’s not in the Quran and has nothing to do with Arabic. Adding or removing anything from the prayer destroys the religious meaning of the prayer as a whole and is a grave sin.
1:05:45 – Talks about people accusing him of being harsh with people who make changes in the prayers, Quran, or practices of religion. There is a precedent; it is fear and concern for the people.

god is running everything – part 2

00:55 – Says we continue to record these sermons because they’re very important.
13:20 – Says it’s a blessing that he’s not that popular. Talks about receiving death threats from Saudis.
15:45 – The belief that God is doing everything explains why the majority of believers are going to Hell because there are lots of people who believe in God, but don’t believe that He is doing everything. People going to Heaven are rare. The road to Heaven is narrow and the road to Hell is wide.
17:35 – If you’re unhappy with anything, you’re an objector. If there’s anything causing you unhappiness, you have to find out what it is and eliminate it. Look for the non-Quranic situations in your life and eliminate them.
19:20 – The minimum requirements to make it to Heaven are to believe in God, believe in the Hereafter, and lead a righteous life. You don’t have to believe in Moses, Jesus, or Muhammad, or the Quran and Bible, or angels. Of course, we believe in the angels, but it’s not a requirement; it’s a piece of information. There’s a difference between the knowledgeable person and the ignorant person.
20:35 – Talks about the end of the world and the seven pairs.
25:40 – Under any name, whether Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, if you worship God alone, believe in the Hereafter, and lead a righteous life, this will lead you to Heaven. You can’t just believe in God and the Hereafter and be a nasty, bad person, liar, or cheater.
28:30 – Talks about universal unity through devotion to God alone. If people of different religions rise above the human factors, they would be united through belief of God.
32:45 – Talks about polygamy. Perfect example of polygamy is Muhammad. Political marriages were forced on him; people insisted for him to marry their daughters. Talks about lie that Muhammad married Aysha when she was nine.
34:10 – Important criterion for polygamy is that you alleviate sorrow, not create sorrow. You have to be careful not to abuse this law.
40:30 – Seven universes are like balls within each other.
42:15 – “The universes are folded within His right hand” is an allegorical description to show us how big and great God is.
44:00 – The understanding of “God is doing everything” is absolutely essential for you to go to Heaven.
44:35 – Misery comes from Satan in accordance with God’s will. The ultimate doer is God, but we bring the misery on ourselves because of our decisions.

Friday Sermons, 1989 – #1

1:25 – La Elaha Ella Allah is the greatest statement. It is the statement that will redeem us and take us back to God’s kingdom if we believe it, in words and deeds.
8:10 – If God was your god, policemen will be blind and not see you cross on red; you become invisible to the police.
10:00 – First, you believe, then God will show you that He is running everything.
10:35 – Are you afraid that the people may laugh at you for saying God willing?
12:40 – Don’t feel bad that God was not your god last week. Keep working on it.
14:20 – Two kinds of people: submitter who is always happy and objector who is always miserable. A submitter understands that there is a good reason for everything and accepts whatever God is doing. An objector doesn’t like what God is doing.
16:30 – Talks about the story of the heifer. Uses comparison of Arabs arguing about ablution and making distinctions among God’s messengers. This story is an example of God teaching us to hear and obey.
21:00 – The Quran was placed into Muhammad’s soul, not his body, which requires a process of release from the person to the body. You may have information with you that is not in your body that has to be released from your soul to your body and comes in your physical brain; then, you’d be able to express it in words or writing. Gabriel mediated this release for Muhammad.
23:50 – The number of believers always increases. If you move to another town and start a Quran study all by yourself, you’re guaranteed to grow and someone will come out of nowhere and join you. If one person leaves, two people will come.
30:20 – You have no idea how important the Dawn Prayer is.
31:40 – God tells us to do the Dawn Prayer for our benefit (physical benefit).
32:10 – Get the biggest, most obnoxious alarm and put it far away from you at the other end of the room. This is what you need to do in the beginning since it’s difficult; this is an indication that your soul is too weak and cannot control your body. As you do the Dawn Prayer, your soul will grow and your body becomes obedient to you, then you’ll enjoy getting up.
35:40 – It does not reflect disbelief or lack of faith to want assurances.
37:00 – Announcement of messengership helps sift away the drop-outs.
37:40 – Talks about drop-outs for people who do the Dawn Prayer. Same sifting process for those fasting during Ramadan.
39:05 – In His kingdom, God wants the real believers who will carry out His commandments no matter what.
40:40 – Says he still has hope for someone who he thinks has “temporarily” dropped out because of Rashad’s announcement as a messenger.
42:30 – If you live a lie, that’s arrogance, not modesty. If you’re a civil engineer and you say you’re a civil engineer, that’s not arrogance. It’s arrogance if you think saying you’re a civil engineer will alienate the people around you, so you hide it and lie.
43:20 – The messengers were just human beings who aren’t better than anybody around them. Gives example of Moses and the teacher.
49:30 – Precious minority of a minority will be redeemed and this is why this whole universe was created, just for these precious few to be redeemed.
50:00 – People are bad. Only a few human beings are appreciative.
52:30 – When you decide to worship God alone, you’ve won a lottery with a million matching numbers. This gives you an idea since the word “fortunate” will not describe how fortunate we are.
54:50 – Talks about invisible stamp on each one of us that says High Heaven, Lower Heaven, or Hell. Talks about how Abraham was given intelligence because “we were fully aware of him”. God gave him the guidance because He knew he deserved that.
57:10 – Gives example of Joseph resisting temptation from the governor’s wife. God diverted him from sin because Joseph had a stamp saying High Heaven and God knows that he deserved it.
1:05:20 – Talks about people who blame God for not following His commandments and abuse “God is running everything”.

Friday Sermons, 1989 – #2

2:15 – Ramadan is a big feast for the soul. Fasting the whole day means you’ll be remembering God.
3:05 – Why did God send His messenger now? Among the ways God perfects His favor on us is to send a messenger to recite God’s revelations and new information and wisdom to us.
5:05 – God sent His messenger now because He loves you and wants to save you (Sura 2:151). The vast majority of human beings are yet to come into this world.
10:20 – Islam has been distorted by the Muslims into a Satanic cult. Talks about terrorist who was a self-proclaimed Muslim, giving Islam a bad name and Khomeini speaking in the name of an Islamic Republic as a self-proclaimed Muslim leader and what he did to freedom of expression. They find any reason to kill people. Continues for few minutes discussing things traditional Muslims do wrong.
14:50 – If you want to build a school, mosque, or hospital, that’s general charity, not the same as Zakat.
15:30 – If you don’t give Zakat, you’re out of God’s mercy.
16:00 – You’re supposed to be the nicest person during Ramadan because you don’t want to nullify your efforts. You don’t want to offend anyone because you’re very careful not to ruin your fasting. All that month, you are the nicest person in the world to everybody.
20:35 – Not a single Muslim scholar could come up with a single reason why Rashad Khalifa is not a messenger.
22:30 – Gives example of warnings when someone is about to fall into a ditch. You shout louder and louder as they get closer to falling into the ditch; you’re trying to save them.
27:30 – Talks about people embracing Submission in throngs (Sura 110). He’s surprised how many people are receptive to the message of worshiping God alone and their sincerity. It has never happened in history before where the message has been delivered to this many people in the lifetime of the messenger. This message has been delivered to more people than the people that all the other messengers delivered the message to in their lifetime combined, multiplied many times over.
28:55 – Says he screened the people at the conference.
29:55 – Says he believes that every messenger is really for the future generations, not for his generation.
35:25 – You’re applying for the best position for eternity, therefore, the test is not easy to accomplish.
36:30 – Belief in God implies believing God and what God says. If you believe in God and worship God alone, this means you believe everything that God says. If God says there are angels and we believe in God, then we must believe that there are angels. Same with how God said He sent down scriptures: if we believe in God, then we believe that God sent scriptures. Same with how God said He is sending messengers: then we must believe what God says in that He sends messengers. Quotes Sura 2:285.
37:50 – You cannot say you worship God alone, but don’t believe anything He says. You have to believe what God says.
38:25 – In Sura 3:81, God says after all the prophets, He will send a messenger. We have to believe that. We can’t say we worship God alone and forget about any messenger that He sends. Anyone who doesn’t accept this is out of the religion.
39:35 – We cannot fool God. If there is anything in our hearts, if we’re not real believers, we cannot just say we are with our mouth. God will have to bring this out.
40:10 – It is perfectly alright to have doubts, but we must conquer those doubts. Don’t let the doubts conquer you.
41:40 – If we come this close and drop out, we’ll be in the most pain and worst hell in the Hereafter.
43:45 – Explains Sura 57:14. There will be hypocrite men and women who will come here and be with us, then ask on the Day of Judgment, “Were we not with you? We came to the Quran study with you. We came to the Friday Prayer with you. We sat with you and were friends.” Believers will say, “Yes, but you had doubts.” So you must work on your doubts and conquer them.
45:40 – He was glad he wasn’t the one who discovered that the root word of his name, Rashada, was mentioned 19 times in the Quran. He was afraid to look for it himself, that he may say that his ego was looking for it.
49:00 – Talks about story of when he prayed for nobody to ask him if he was a messenger of God.
50:05 – Answers why people drop out if they don’t believe Rashad Khalifa is a messenger of God and they’re annoyed by the repetition of that. If God is saying there’s a messenger after Muhammad, why should you not believe God? God’s evidence is so powerful. The ego will be the only thing standing in the way.
52:05 – Talks about how to get rid of doubt. The source of doubt is your jinn companion. The way to counter doubts is to counter with questions and debate with your companion in your head. Ask things like, “What is Rashad advocating?”
54:05 – Ask your jinn companion, “Is what we’re doing wrong to worship God alone, uphold the word of God alone? Should we go to the words of men?”
55:45 – Ask your jinn companion, “Does Rashad have any proof?”
56:30 – Ask your jinn companion, “Is Rashad making any money from this?”
57:10 – He says he sees to it that what comes out of his pocket is more than what comes in his pocket.

Friday Sermons, 1989 – #3

5:40 – Most important expression in Sura 1 is “You alone we worship. You alone we ask for help.”
8:15 – It was Satan’s ego that made him think that he can be a god besides God. Vast majority disagreed with Satan, i.e. angels.
9:50 – When given the opportunity to renounce their crime and submit to God, the vast majority of creatures took advantage of that, i.e. animals, mountains, stars, trees, etc. Explains Sura 55:6 (“the stars and the trees prostrate”).
10:45 – The horse is a perfect submitter. He comes to you on four, lets a poor or rich person ride him, lets a child lead him, etc. Animals come down with a subservient, obedient function and in return for their obedience, they’re redeemed. Gives same example with a dog.
12:10 – When God asked you and me if we want to participate in this plan and go down as a horse, for example, we said, “No way! Me? Go as a horse?” It is the ego that brought us here and stands as an obstacle between us and redemption. Too many creatures accepted that offer for them all to come down as animals, so there are stars, the sun, moon, etc.
16:05 – This rebellion proves that God’s creatures have freedom of choice. People ask why God created rebellious creatures. Millions are redeemed by dying before they turn forty; they participated in God’s plan.
19:05 – We were exiled because of our ego.
20:20 – Killing the ego is not that somebody comes and slaps you in the face and you turn the other cheek. Believers are not wimps; they stand up for their rights. The only reason people refuse to accept him as a messenger is the ego.
22:00 – Says he doesn’t want to give himself a test, but he wonders what he would’ve done if he was in their shoes.
27:30 – Ends letter to leaders of the World Conference on Finality of Prophethood with “your brother in Islam”, saying there has to be some diplomacy there. Also begins letter with “Salaamun Alaykum” at 26:20.
28:15 – The two sermons of the Friday Prayer are part of the prayer. In addition to the two units, they complete the four units. Tells people to face the Qiblah while they’re sitting for the sermons as if they’re in the prayer. Tells someone that it’s okay to stay seated on their chair as long as they face the Qiblah.
34:10 – Every person on Earth is going to hear about the messenger of the covenant.
37:10 – Shows how his birthday, November 19, is the only day in the year whose number is a multiple of 19 as well. It’s the 323rd day of the year, 19*17.
42:00 – God designed the Arabic language and designed the Quran with the code nineteen in it before the Earth was created.
45:00 – The angels who are guarding us now and serving us are the ones who either snatch the souls of the disbelievers forcibly or gently take the souls of the believers joyfully.
46:00 – Adam and Eve’s souls were in Heaven, invisibly connected with their bodies on Earth. When they broke God’s law, they were put back into their bodies.
46:55 – When you sleep, your soul voluntarily roams around.
49:50 – You don’t have to fight in the cause of God and get killed. When the righteous die, also, it’s the same (Sura 22:58); they go straight to Heaven.
53:30 – Recites Sura 36:20-27 about the man who told his people to worship God alone and when he was told to enter Paradise, he said, “Oh, I wish my people knew that my Lord has forgiven me and made me honorable”.
55:00 – It is God’s wisdom that Khomeini cannot come back and tell us where he is now. Once they cross that line, they cannot come back here and tell us.
1:14:30 – The value of each of the prophets’ names who have a sura named after them equals the number of verses in those suras (system used was adding the number order of each of the letters in the alphabet for their names).
1:17:40 – Calculating Rashad Khalifa using this system gave 114, 19*6. There’s no sura that has 114 verses, but 114 is the whole Quran and his job was to confirm all 114 suras.
1:20:00 – “When a question is posed, God sends the revelation through Gabriel to tell us what the answer is or if we are speculating, then God will send Gabriel with assurance as to what is the correct answer to the question”.
1:21:20 – Talks about his mother passing away and he was assured with signs that she went to Heaven.
1:25:30 – Talks about his father dying as a disbeliever. Rashad was taken to him just before he died to give him the last warning.
1:27:10 – When his father died, he was sad because he died as a disbeliever, but when his mother died, he was happy because the righteous go straight to Heaven. Says that after the Friday Prayer, they will pray the two rakats for the Funeral Prayer for his mother.

Friday sermon – 1989 conference

1:35 – The elite of the elite make God the only priority in their lives.
3:55 – God does not make us miserable. God’s law dictates that we can make ourselves miserable according to God’s law. Nobody can make you happy or miserable, only God.
5:20 – He is the only One who possesses all power, so what are we doing depending on anybody else?
6:15 – You are the number one target of Satan. Satan is not interested in idol worshipers or disbelievers.
9:25 – We do not follow Rashad Khalifa or Muhammad or Jesus. We do not follow any human being. We follow God. This is why we smile when they say that.
10:10 – He says if it is Rashad Khalifa’s opinion, don’t follow it. Be sure you’re following God.
15:20 – Any intelligent person, knowing that idol worship is the only unforgivable offense, will run away from any suspicion of idolatry. The fact that we uphold the Quran is the biggest proclamation that we know Muhammad was God’s messenger.
16:55 – Only the hypocrites say Muhammad Rasool Allah.
18:00 – If it is not in the Quran, we don’t have any consideration for it. In this conference, you’re going to hear lots of views, personal views, from many people. Anybody can say anything they want, but your criterion is the Quran. If it’s not in the Quran, don’t believe it, no matter who is talking to you. Especially in this conference, Satan has to be represented. If you believe the views contrary to the Quran, you deserve to believe them.
19:10 – As long as you have doubt in your heart, you’re in the lowest rank of Submission.
20:20 – It may or may not be correct, but if it’s not in the Quran, we do not follow it.
21:00 – The ink and paper, the physical Quran, is not the Quran. The Quran is in your heart.

1989 conference – final speech

5:40 – Children don’t get the same credit as the parents who believed first.
8:30 – Gabriel is a messenger of God who carries revelations, the Honest Spirit. We may have human visions of Gabriel and convey on him human characteristics. We would think he would get mad when he says you are God’s messenger and you respond, “No, get away from me. You are Satan”. He is very mild, understanding, gentle, and respectful. He never ever utters the things that we would utter. The word “angel” as we understand it is very fitting.
10:05 – When revelations are being delivered, Gabriel takes over his brain and he can do nothing else. Gabriel told him that Sura 36:3 applies to him: “Surely, you are one of the messengers”.
10:55 – Rashad would say, “Go away. You are Satan”. Gabriel would debate back, “Why do you think I’m Satan? Didn’t you seek refuge in God from Satan? Don’t you believe God that He will protect you?”
12:45 – He was never asked to make the announcement initially. It was implied.
15:30 – He prayed to not have anybody ask him if he was a messenger. Tells story of how Ismail couldn’t open his mouth to ask him that question even though he was determined to.
21:20 – Some people will come to the masjid, say they believe in everything, then somebody tells them Rashad Khalifa picks his nose and they flunk their test for flimsy reasons and reflect their disbelief.
24:00 – Believers are rare. Hypocrites are sifted away.
26:40 – Whoever obeys the messenger is obeying God. This doesn’t mean idol worship. They tell you you’re idolizing Rashad. We know better than that.
28:00 – Says a lady from Vancouver told him that she doesn’t believe that he is a messenger of God. Debate starts.
30:40 – He recites Sura 58:22, verse under subtitle, Run For Your Life.
31:05 – Asks her if she believes he is God’s messenger and does the Contact Prayer the way he does.
31:40 – “Do not judge” is a Satanic principle. We are to judge with the Quran. We can judge because we have the law. When God says the disbeliever will go to Hell, we can say the disbeliever will go to Hell.
32:20 – You do not find people who believe in God and the Hereafter befriending those who oppose God and His messenger, so if you see some of your friends breaking this criterion and constantly associating with enemies of God and His messenger, you have to worry about them.
32:55 – Says she told him that she doesn’t believe he is God’s messenger, so she is blaspheming against God. In other words, she is calling him a liar.
33:40 – Starts calling out Soussan Rey for her saying that she knows better Arabic than him and that his translation is wrong.
35:40 – Says a certain woman named Sophie is going to treat the enemies of God in Vancouver very nicely and invite them to her house. Someone who was blaspheming and lying about him was invited to her house.
37:55 – You treat them as God wants you to treat them. Do not lean towards those who are doing wrong.
38:30 – Says the first translation of the Quran is an authorized translation. Every word here is the word of God. It’s not his translation; it’s God’s translation. It is already obsolete (holds up the blue hardcover Quran).
39:45 – If you see him as a bad person, that’s your tough luck. If you see him as a perfect person, it’s because God wants to guide you, but the truth is he’s not a perfect person. Gives examples of times when you forget all the verses when passing the message to people versus when you’re eloquent because God wants to guide that person.
48:30 – Says he loves Raymond and Sophie very much and knows they’re believers, but he worries about them.
51:15 – There are only two extremes in this room: the extremely fortunate and the worst disbelievers (no in-between in this room, either going to the top or the bottom). Truth and falsehood are evident. Recites Sura 57:13-14.
53:35 – Just by being here doesn’t mean you’re going to make it to the elite of the elite. God does not want wishy-washy or doubtful people. God wants solid believers.

1988 conference speech

Start – Talks about fulfilling the covenant when he was in Mecca for pilgrimage on a Tuesday when he was listening to his favorite reciter on Cairo Radio, reciting Sura 55.
2:40 – He was told that these are all the prophets; they were shown to him the way they looked in this world. They had different turbans and robes. They came in one by one, looked him straight in the face, and shook their heads approvingly.
8:15 – There are many kinds of messengers. We are messengers. We deliver the message of La Elaha Ella Allah. When we meet someone and tell them to worship God alone, we are messengers. Rashad has a specific mission as a messenger.
10:00 – There is so much information in the Quran that information will keep coming until the end of the world, things we don’t know, but that is not new since it’s all in the Quran.
14:20 – Sending messengers is a continuous process until the end of the world. Every community is going to have messengers. Anybody spreading the message is technically a messenger of God.

Friday Sermons – Nov. 1987, 12/4/1987

8:15 – Evidence keeps increasing until they’re confirmed as hardcore disbelievers.
9:00 – Explains miracle associated with Sura 55’s repeated statements, “Which of your Lord’s marvels can you deny?”
14:40 – The great event is a universal conference – the Day of Resurrection. People of the past, present, and future will be resurrected and assigned a job or position for eternity. They’re totally disregarding it, unaware, and unprepared.
18:25 – Happiness is an internal feeling that only God controls, nobody else. There’s false happiness that does not last and there’s real happiness that lasts.
24:10 – Salat is the most important thing for every human being. Jews and Christians lost the combination to the safe, so they lost the contact. If you don’t make this contact, you’re suffering, in pain and problems.
31:30 – The people who believe in God know that God is with them, closer to them than their jugular vein, and therefore, they know that every time they make a mistake, there’s an “electronic machine that will give them a ticket” (analogy with driving and police mentioned earlier).
32:40 – On the Day of Judgment, every human being will be invited (because it’s a privilege) to fall prostrate before God, but people who didn’t prostrate here in this world will not be able to prostrate there. This demonstrates the importance of Salat.
50:00 – Saying Sura 23:97-98 chases Satan away and it’s a commandment. (“My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils. And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.”) It’d be wonderful if you could say it in Arabic since it’s a numerical combination. Saying it a thousand times a day isn’t enough.
53:20 – The vice president of the biggest Islamic university in Saudi Arabia along with three other people came to Masjid Tucson to discuss worshiping God alone. Rashad said he doesn’t think Satan himself would dare do what he did. He objected to having the name of God on the wall by itself; he wanted Muhammad’s name next to it. Instead of being pleased with seeing the name of God on the wall, he criticized it.
55:50-1:01:00 – Reads excerpt that shows how traditional Muslims worship Muhammad (found in “Muhammad: The Messenger of Islam” book by Hajjah Amina Adil).
1:13:00 – Talks about how he sent letters to every leader of the Arab/Muslim countries to form a United Islamic Nation. Said there will be changes of government until a government comes with the objective to join UIN (exacting trials every year once or twice). Explains how this came true.

Friday Sermons – End of the World, 10/16/1987, 7/15/1988

17:05 – The mathematical miracle allows us to be as good or better than an eyewitness to other miracles written in the Quran, like Moses’ staff turning into a snake or Jesus reviving the dead.
25:15 – The number of a verse is dictated by God. Yusuf Ali changed the numbering of the verses in some places.
29:50 – When God says He put guards on you, you know that there are guards on you, so you will not receive a scratch without God’s control, without deserving it, or without a good reason for it. Sometimes, God will mess up your life in order to have something good happen to you. Gives example of Joseph in prison, then ruling Egypt.
30:55 – Everything is already recorded: what you’re going to do next year, how many kids you’re going to have, who they’re going to marry, what day, time, and place you’re going to die, etc. God tells you this so you don’t feel sorry for the things you miss and you don’t get excited over the things you attain. The believer has an even keel; he/she doesn’t get excited or depressed. There’s nothing anybody can do.
31:50 – The Psalms were mathematically authenticated, too. Psalm 91 is confirmed in the Quran.
32:25 – When you pass the initial tests, worship God regularly, and do the five prayers, certainty will come to you.
33:35 – Explains how God is faithful to you. He always fulfills His part of the covenant.
35:00 – As a person of God, you will see that the people who are unjust to you are going to get it sooner or later. Even if you don’t see it, they will get it. If you’re alive, you will see it. God will let you know.
36:40 – God has commanded angels to guard you in all your ways, lest you dash your foot against a stone. Everything in this world is run by God through angels.
40:25 – Had God punished Satan for his supercilious thoughts without exposing them, the angels would’ve been really perplexed. The angels aren’t aware of Satan’s innermost thoughts like God is.
41:55 – Satan’s constituents were not assigned to him involuntarily. God consulted each one of us, asking us if we want to take a test to choose between God’s point of view and another point of view. The human being said yes and other creatures said no because they were afraid. Incentives included the awesome reward for those who pass and we overestimated our intelligence.
46:20 – Says his understanding is that we were all in Adam and we all broke God’s law.
47:30 – This universe is Satan’s prison cell.
50:45 – Instead of Satan wasting his time with the followers, he will capture the leaders, like the Pope, for example. 900 million Catholics listen to the Pope, so why should he waste his time on 900 million people when he can just capture one?
56:30-1:00:40 – Tells story of how he discovered the mathematical code in the Quran. Started with curiosity for what A.L.M. means.
1:01:10 – Inside the biggest brewery, the miracle of the Quran came out. Satan doesn’t know everything. The mathematical miracle was hidden from him, so he couldn’t put up any obstacles.

Friday Sermons – 1/1/1988, 1/22/1988, 3/4/1988

1:05 – When you repent, you can start all over again anytime you want, forget completely about the past, and return to God.
2:05 – Happiness is a quality of the soul, not the body. Therefore, a body that achieves all the material successes it longs for often belongs to an unhappy person. The real person’s happiness depends totally on the development of the soul.
3:00 – Gives example of Eddie Murphy.
4:15 – If the soul is not nourished, in our dimension, we don’t feel the pain. It is reflected through unhappiness.
5:35 – When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you say is “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. There is no other god besides God” (Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, La Elaha Ella Allah).
6:00 – When you admire anything that belongs to you, you must say MashaAllah or “this is what God has given me”.
6:35 – You say Alhamdulillah or “praise God” when something good happens or when you finish eating.
7:00 – When you see something wonderful, you say SubhanAllah or “God be glorified”.
7:20 – Anytime you think of God, because your soul is a piece of God, your soul will be nourished.
9:05 – Never say you’re going to do something in the future without saying InshaAllah or “God willing”. You’re going to shock your American friends at first, but then, they’ll get used to it and respect you. You will nourish your soul as you remind them and remind yourself.
10:45 – The soul has a weight in the other dimension, not in this dimension.
13:15 – You can’t just keep waiting, then try to feed a shrunken soul. There’s such a time when it’s impossible. You have to do it every day as much as you can. This is what we’re really here for.
13:35 – Life goes fast. For the young people, it seems so far away. Recites Sura 21:1.
15:40 – Satan succeeded in distracting many people. They will not take any advice from you. They hate advice and hate the truth.
17:05 – Lower Heaven will be relatively crowded, full of all the children who died, people who died before the age of forty, and adults who did not nourish their souls enough. High Heaven will not be crowded.
20:15-22:25 – God knows your secrets. God is here now in this room and sees you and hears you. Visualizing and materializing this makes your soul grow and makes devilish thoughts go away. This is a new dhikr (zikr).
28:00 – “God is doing everything” is a conclusion you must reach to be saved. It’s a quality of God. If you don’t know this quality, you don’t know God.
29:15 – This life is a test, nothing else. Anything else is just the means for provisions (jobs).
33:20 – Gives example of how God nullifies people’s excuses. People said Rashad isn’t an Azhar scholar (science man, not religious man), so God gave them an Azhar man with the highest honors who taught the same message at the university.
35:25 – Says their powerful Al-Fatehah got a submitter out of prison.
42:40 – We are proud of our title, “rejectors of Sunna”. Those other people are rejectors of Quran.
52:00 – God’s kingdom has no problems once you pass all the required tests. Satan’s kingdom is plagued with problems.
52:50 – The people who did not feed their soul have a starving soul without feeling the pain. The pain will show up all at once when the separation happens between the body and soul. Right now, the soul is obscured by the body and the pangs of starvation and hunger are not felt. It’s felt later on when it’s too late and eternal.
55:00 – We can join God’s kingdom anytime we want to; it’s wide open. For a while, there’s a period when you step out and you get pinches.
56:30 – If you’re perfectly in God’s kingdom, you know that whatever is happening is for your own good and you understand it and you’ll be perfectly happy.
57:45 – We cannot cheat ourselves by showing off or not praying because of peer pressure due to embarrassment in front of friends.
58:55 – Don’t hurt anyone, unless they’re fighting you in the cause of God (which doesn’t happen here because this is a free land).
1:01:10 – God’s mercy is beyond our imagination. Gives example of people who die before the age of forty going to Heaven. Someone who never prayed or fasted and dies at 35 still goes to Heaven.
1:02:35 – Talks about the law of equivalence. This restricts capital punishment. The verse leans favorably toward compensation, instead.
1:06:30 – You must stand up for God.
1:08:05 – God wouldn’t command Abraham to kill his son because He does not command vice.
1:10:05 – Not only did God not order Abraham to kill his son, but He intervened to save his son because he was a sincere believer in God’s kingdom. God did not let him. God will not let you fall in sin and allow you to do something wrong if you’re in His kingdom.

Friday Sermons – 5/27/1988, 10/28/1988, 12/30/1988

10:25 – God’s kingdom has no problems, whatsoever. When we step out of God’s kingdom, then problems begin. Satan’s kingdom is full of problems: diseases, AIDS, cancer, accidents, personal problems.
12:05 – Your body loves money, so charity is designed to take money away from this body and give it to the poor. Same with fasting.
13:00 – Hajj commemorates Abraham’s exemplary submission to God.
17:10 – Whatever is preoccupying your mind the majority of the day, that is your god.
17:30 – If you are preoccupied with yourself, what you look like, what the people think of you, if this is your concern the majority of the day, then you are your god; you’re worshiping your ego.
18:25 – If you are preoccupied with your job most of the day, that is your god.
18:40 – If your spouse is preoccupying you more than God, then that is your god. If your property or the dollar is preoccupying you, that is your god.
19:30 – When it comes to commemorating, mentioning, or thinking of God, there’s no limit.
20:40 – Believers love God the most. You can love your spouse, children, job, etc. as long as God is on your mind the majority of the time. Whoever you’re thinking of the majority of the time is your god.
21:05 – Explains Sura 64:14. Your spouses and your children can be your enemies by becoming preoccupied with them. If you want a good spouse and good children, you should give your attention to God, not to them, because God is with your kids as they ride their bike in the street, not you. If you’re with God, God will be with your kids and spouse.
21:40 – God controls your spouse’s mind and heart. You can guarantee a good spouse if you’re good with God.
22:00 – Defines “dhikr Allah” (zikr) as mentioning, commemorating, or thinking of God.
22:20 – Your spouse and children are a test because you become attached to them.
23:20 – Read Sura 18:28. Do not obey, follow, go with, or mix with those whose hearts are diverted from commemorating or mentioning God because they will drag you with them into thinking about something else.
24:35 – This may answer the common question, “Why am I having problems?” You didn’t think of God the majority of the day.
26:35 – Unless you have unusual circumstances, if you don’t do the Dawn Prayer, God is not your god. You have some other god.
27:25 – Whatever your god is other than God, you’re going to lose it, guaranteed. If you worship your job or your spouse, you’re going to lose it, guaranteed. You learn that from Sura 18:42. If you give your job more attention than God, you’re guaranteed to lose it.
29:05 – Mentions the Gospel of Luke 12:29-31. Seek God’s kingship over you and everything else follows. If God is your god, you’re guaranteed all of these things.
30:15 – When you see your car running nicely and you see your children, you say MashaAllah. When you see a beautiful flower or sunset or your own fingers, you say SubhanAllah. When you get up in the morning, you get up in the name of God; say it in any language you want.
33:05 – Every time you eat anything or drink anything, you say Bismillah.
33:15 – You’re feeling good and healthy, you say Alhamdulillah. Even if you don’t feel good or healthy, say Alhamdulillah. Find any excuse to mention or think of God. You see your spouse and children, say MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah, etc.
34:15 – A submitter asked why she doesn’t get straight As and he says that where it counts, God will give you the straight As.
46:00 – Billions of years ago, there were billions of creatures that were not classified as angels, humans, or jinns yet. There was God and His kingdom.
46:50 – Jinns were almost equal to Satan. They were also egotistic and thought they could also be gods, maybe.
48:00 – God’s absolute authority is not an egotistic practice on the part of God. It is the truth that only God can run a kingdom.
51:30 – We should love God because God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, gave us a chance to redeem ourselves. We would all be in Hell right now, otherwise.
54:00 – The wages of sin is death. God created death as a consequence of that blasphemy.
58:00 – Explains why God allowed two false verses to be injected in the Quran for 1400 years. The people at Muhammad’s time reverted to idolatry after he died. They did not deserve the Quran.
1:03:45 – Tells story of a conference he went to where a man presented that the Quran is a fallible, internal hallucination of Muhammad while he presented evidence that the Quran is divine from God. The Arabs there attacked him, not the other man.
1:08:00 – Answers question of, “What about all the people from the past generations?”, who had wrong information.
1:13:00 – God does not accept any wishy-washys. If you show any sign of idol worship and Satan claims you, God will give you to Satan. If Satan points at you and says this person idolizes something for the slightest reason, God will tell him to take you; this person is Satan’s.
1:15:10 – Explains Sura 19:71-72. Earth is a temporary, mild Hell, by definition. This is a halfway house between Heaven and Hell. The definition of Hell is the absence of God and God is not physically here. Earth cannot withstand the presence of God. He doesn’t need to be here to control everything.
1:27:00 – Most Christians believe John the Baptist is the messenger of the covenant since he came right after Jesus.

in defense of the bible

1:25 – The Bible contains too many unacceptable contradictions and nonsense. Gives example from the Gospel of Matthew, where it says there are 28 generations between David and Jesus, but in the Gospel of Luke, it says there are 43 generations between them. How can this be the word of God? Names used in both gospels aren’t even similar.
2:45 – The Bible is the word of God, but these indefensible contradictions are there because they were injected by humans. The vast majority of the Bible is divine truth.
3:50 – The biggest contradiction of all is the deification of Jesus Christ, making him a god against his will and going against the teachings of the Bible. Matthew 27:46 says that Jesus said, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
10:20 – 90% of the Bible today is divine truth. The human race has been duped into following the 10% of contradictions and false doctrines injected by humans into the Bible.
10:45 – The Bible must be corrected, so God sees to it that all these contradictions and nonsense are exposed.
11:15 – Millions of people throw the baby with the bath water (baptism) because of these contradictions and nonsense. They drive people away from the word of God.
13:20 – Jesus disowns those who idolize him instead of God in Matthew 7:23.
13:35 – God sent a final edition of the scripture that is mathematically composed beyond human ability. You will see which truth in the Bible is confirmed; contradictions and false doctrines are exposed. This is what God did about the humans’ interference in His Bible. He sent down to us a final message to serve as a standard reference.
15:50 – Jesus was raised to God before his body was put on the cross. His heart was beating and his lungs were breathing, but the soul wasn’t there.
16:45 – Gives comparison example of Bill Schroeder.
20:35 – Lists the four functions of God’s final scripture to the world: exposes contradictions and nonsense and removes them from the Bible, confirms the divine truths in the Bible, settles the controversies, and confirms all previous miracles.

principles of the contact prayers

3:00 – The word Salat is derived from the Arabic root word for “contact” or “connection”. It is wrong to translate it as “pray”. The correct expression is to say you make contact with your Creator five times a day.
6:40 – Lists where all five Contact Prayers are mentioned in the Quran: morning (dawn) (24:58), noon (17:78), afternoon (2:238), sunset (11:114), and night (24:58).
7:10-10:10 – Explains where all five Contact Prayers are mentioned in the Quran. “Both ends of the day” in Sura 11:114 covers Morning (Dawn), Sunset, and Night Prayers. “Highest point at noon” in Sura 17:78 refers to the Noon Prayer. “Middle prayer” in Sura 2:238 refers to the Afternoon Prayer.
12:20 – Before Abraham, there was no mention of the Contact Prayers (Salat). Noah just told his people to believe in God and ask for His forgiveness.
13:40 – Muhammad didn’t bring these practices because they came through Abraham, which is why we don’t see the details of how many units (rakats) for each prayer in the Quran. Uses Crest toothpaste example (If I tell you to buy Crest toothpaste, I don’t need to explain to you what that is because it’s already in existence).
15:20 – Abraham contributed all practices of Islam.
16:00 – Answers the question of why we should make contact with our Creator five times a day. We do it because our Creator commanded us to do so. We need the Contact Prayers; God doesn’t.
17:15 – The Contact Prayers are the meals for the soul (most important nutrition for the soul).
20:20 – All practices of worship in Islam are designed to cause the soul to grow and develop and make you the boss over your body. The majority of people are enslaved to their body.
21:10 – Before sunrise, your body wants to sleep, but your soul needs to get up and observe the Morning (Dawn) Contact Prayer. If your body wins, you continue to sleep and if your soul wins, your body will obey you and observe the Contact Prayer. The struggle becomes less and less as your body becomes more obedient to you. Eventually, you’ll enjoy getting up to observe the Contact Prayer.
23:10 – During Ramadan, your body wants to eat and drink, but you tell your body to fast, so you’re exercising your soul and causing it to grow and develop.
24:10 – God wants you to develop yourself and be strong enough to hold a responsible position and high rank in the Hereafter.
24:25 – For Zakat, you take money from your body and give it to the poor, so you are being the boss over your body since your body loves money.
27:20 – Explains the Azan (call to prayer).
30:25 – Explains ablution.
31:25 – It’s a gross transgression to add or reduce anything to the four steps of ablution. There’s nothing wrong with extra cleanliness, but when it comes to religious practices, we must adhere to what our Creator dictated exactly.
34:35 – If you are taking a shower, you can do ablution in the shower, but go through the motions of ablution.
35:00 – Starts demonstrating ablution.
35:25 – You should make an intention to observe ablution.
39:50 – Mentioning other people’s names in the Contact Prayers nullifies them, makes them useless, and even harmful.
42:50 – You must read the Quran every day.
45:40 – Pray in a clean place. You don’t need a prayer rug (that’s an innovation), just somewhere dry and clean even if it’s bare ground.
46:00 – The Qiblah is an organizational point; there’s no other significance to it.
46:30 – The direction for Qiblah is generally slightly south of east in the United States.
47:00 – Make the intention for Salat in your heart or in an audible voice, in any language, whether secretly or loudly.
47:45 – Open the Salat by raising your hands to the side of your face and saying Allahu Akbar. Hand position during prayer doesn’t matter.
50:00 – Allahu Akbar means God is the greatest.
51:55 – Allah is not the name of God. It’s just the Arabic word for God.
1:09:45 – Saying a woman can’t pray during menstruation is a Satanic innovation. Hadith even show that the prophets’ wives used to pray during menstruation.
1:11:00 – If a person is very sick and can’t move, they can pray with their eyelids or mentally. If you’re in a crowded place and can’t find a place to pray, you can pray at your desk. There’s no excuse for missing any Contact Prayer.
1:12:50 – Mentally follow the imam as he recites the Al-Fatehah during group prayers.
1:13:15 – If someone comes late to a group prayer, you join the group in whatever position they’re in and you just continue after they’re done to complete however many rakats you missed.
1:14:35 – You can’t make up or combine prayers because that’s an innovation. Just ask God for forgiveness and repent if you miss a prayer.
1:16:25 – Demonstrates how to perform Salat.
1:19:05 – Don’t look around, laugh, or get distracted during your Contact Prayer. Concentrate on communicating to your Creator.

essentials of submission (islam) and the computer speaks

00:35 – Adam was the first messenger of God.
1:30 – The original prophet of Islam is Abraham because he brought all the religious practices of Islam.
3:00 – Muhammad was appointed as God’s final prophet at the age of forty. The Quran was given to him in one night, but was released from his soul to his mouth/hand gradually over a period of 23 years to help the prophet and other believers at the time memorize it.
6:00 – You would be disobeying God and Muhammad if you follow other sources besides the Quran because God says the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed. Don’t follow any other source besides Quran like Hadith or Sunna.
7:20 – The Shahada is found in Sura 3:18.
13:30 – The system for Ramadan is designed to show who will fast and obey God’s commandments no matter how long the day is (shows who the dropouts are).
15:10 – God is teaching you to be a person of strong will and preparing you for the Hereafter because He wants the people who are strong and know how to control their bodies, which also causes your soul to grow and develop.
18:15 – Talks about general charities that are on the spot. Zakat is for people that you personally know are poor and in need. Taxes don’t count as Zakat.
21:55 – Talks about how to observe Hajj.
23:00 – Never go to Medina. People go to the Prophet’s tomb and idolize him. It ruins not just your Hajj, but the whole religion.
26:45 – Talks about prohibited meats. Gives example of walking in Safeway to buy meat. Prohibitions not specifically mentioned in the Quran belong to some other religion.
28:45 – All intoxicants are prohibited, like alcohol and marijuana (anything that affects your mind, capacity to think and have a healthy brain), as well as gambling. Even if you win the jackpot, you will end up the loser.
29:40 – Breaking a promise is prohibited. You must be a person of your word.
30:25 – Islam is proven to be the best way to fight drug and alcohol abuse.
30:40 – Perfect your religion first before making Hajj pilgrimage (about ten good years of preparation needed).
31:45 – Performing Hajj too early often leads to opposite results: arrogance and loss of faith. Performing Hajj should make us better and more humble.
34:00 – Talks about main statement you need to know throughout Hajj and its definition (Labbayka Allahumma Labbayk, Labbayka La Shareeka Laka Labbayk). It means, “My Lord, I respond to Your call. I respond to You, You have no partners, I respond to Your call”.
37:40 – Explains Zakat.
39:00 – If you don’t give Zakat, you’re out of God’s mercy.
40:20 – Corrects Morning Prayer to Dawn Prayer.
44:00 – “The Computer Speaks” video begins.
46:35 – People of all kinds of religions believe in God, but human factors cause divisions among these people. If you rise above these human factors and unite in belief in God, there will be no divisions.
49:40 – If we are all devoted totally to the One who created us, there will be universal unity.

Witness a Miracle and World News Bulletin

6:30 – The message came to this world in many parts and the first part came to us through the first man, Adam. Adam was created by God, he knew about God, and when he came to this world, he transmitted the first portion of the message.
7:10 – Adam taught his children and grandchildren about God and everything he knew about the creation of Adam, the creation of the human being, his wife Eve, and how he came from up there to the planet Earth.
8:45 – God picked out from every generation a human being through whom God sent part of the message.
16:35 – Explains how he discovered the mathematical code in the Quran.
19:00 – Once you study this mathematical pattern in detail and understand it, you will know God exists and faith is no longer needed.
29:40 – Answers why the number nineteen is the common denominator. Nineteen is the numerical value of the word “one” in Arabic.
37:20 – “World News Bulletin” video begins.
38:25 – Says this year, 1986, is the last year to experience the world as we know it today. A new worldwide era or worldwide system will begin sometime between September 6, 1986 and August 25, 1987. The new era will last 303 lunar years, 294 regular years, after which the world will come to an end in the year 2280.
40:15 – In the new era, Satan will throw up his arms and declare his failure.
42:05 – Leading a righteous life means you’re honest, truthful, nice, and someone who never hurts anyone.
48:20 – Says no one should ever think that he is judging anyone; only God is Judge. What he uttered in this bulletin was God’s judgment, not his judgment.

Evolution or Creation: The Final Argument

4:10 – Gradual evolution proved to be wrong.
4:50 – Evolution happened in giant leaps, not gradually.
6:40 – Says Darwin was a genius when he suggested natural selection, survival of the fittest, and mutations. Gives example of navel oranges as evolution through mutation, but navel oranges evolved from oranges, not apples.
13:45 – Summarizes explanation of probability using examples of dice and lottery.
14:15 – Haphazard arrangement of thirty billion nucleotides into DNA is ruled out.
15:30 – Talks about similarities between apes and humans and the probability of monkeys evolving into humans.
18:35 – Talks about Darwin’s theory about the evolution of the eye. The eye cannot be haphazardly created.
20:10 – Most of Darwin’s theory is proven correct, except for the initial origin of life. Important evolution proves the existence of a super-intelligent Creator.
20:35 – Gives examples of a dragonfly and housefly as intelligent designs. Who told them to stop evolving the number of lenses in their eyes?
22:20 – Evolution is a process controlled by the Creator.
23:20 – Not a single scientist has succeeded in initiating life from inanimate, inorganic matter.
24:50 – Building blocks don’t assemble themselves into a building. Scientists succeeded in creating the building blocks, but not the building itself.
32:35 – We received a mathematically coded message from the super-intelligent Creator telling us how the universe and all life was created, not evolved.
38:40 – Talks about the initials in the Quran.
43:00 – The number nineteen is the common denominator in the original, unaltered Bible and Quran.
44:10 – Talks about the mathematical structure of Bismillah, the phrase “in the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. Every word of the phrase is found in Quran in multiples of nineteen.
47:00 – Quran confirms that life began in water and that evolution is a divinely guided process on a continuous basis.
49:30 – The Earth is billions of years old, not five or ten thousand years old. The Earth is egg-shaped, not flat. Discusses myths regarding Noah’s ark.
55:45 – Radio interview begins.

the great debate

5:10 – Explains why the mathematical miracle is significant or beneficial for people to know. The mathematical miracle is indisputable, unlike previous miracles.
7:00 – Explains why he says God and not Allah. If you are speaking English, you say God and if you are speaking Arabic, you say Allah.
8:15 – Explains the role of the mathematical code as it relates to Muslims and non-Muslims. Quotes Sura 74:31.
11:15 – Starts talking about not believing in Hadith or Sunna and not mentioning Muhammad in the Shahada.
12:30 – Talks about the correct Shahada and not making distinctions among God’s messengers.
15:30 – Saying “Muhammad is the messenger of God” as a part of the Shahada is wrong because he is not living on Earth anymore; he’s no longer a messenger right now.
17:40 – Explains why we should just follow the Quran and no Hadith or Sunna. The Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed, so if you go to anything else, you are rejecting the Quran and disbelieve God.
20:00 – Hadith are fabrications attributed to the prophet.
22:10 – The Quran came out of Muhammad’s mouth, so if you want to follow Muhammad, you follow the Quran.
22:45 – Muhammad was forbidden from explaining the Quran. If he had uttered anything else, he would’ve gone to Hell.
33:25 – Talks about the preservation of the Quran and the two false verses.
34:40 – In regards to the perfect preservation of the Quran, it doesn’t matter what people do to the ink and paper.
35:30 – When there’s a law like the law of the perfect preservation of the Quran, this law doesn’t exist unless it’s violated. When a law is violated, then we know that the law exists. The violation of the sacredness of the Quran proves that the perfect preservation law exists because the mistakes were detected and the perfect Quran is here.
36:45 – God sees to it that sincere believers are guided to the true Quran and vice versa for insincere people.
38:20 – Talks about Muhammadans (worst enemies of God), loving Muhammad too much, and idolizing him beside God.
49:55-52:00 – We do not follow Rashad Khalifa; we follow the word of God alone. Our imam is the Quran.
51:05 – Talks about forcing yourself to be with believers.
52:10 – Talks about how traditional Muslims’ practices have been corrupted. Gives example of ablution.
56:00 – Talks about angels prostrating before Adam. They were worshiping God, the source of the order.
57:00 – Talks about the tone of the Contact Prayers (Salat). When you do it secretly, you have another god who told you to do it secretly.
59:35 – Adding extra utterances in Salat and mentioning Muhammad’s name in the Contact Prayers makes it null and void.
1:01:10 – Talks about traditional Muslims doing the Azan (call to prayer) wrong. Traditional Muslims mention Muhammad’s name next to God in their Azan.
1:02:00 – Talks about traditional Muslims doing Zakat wrong. Traditional Muslims pay Zakat once a year on their savings, not every time they receive income.
1:04:00 – Talks about how traditional Muslims fast and perform Hajj wrong. Traditional Muslims never agree on the beginning and end of Ramadan, quit any productive work and become obnoxious and angry during Ramadan and blame it on fasting. They visit Medina during Hajj; a Hadith says Hajj is not complete until they visit Muhammad’s tomb.
1:05:00 – Rashad says he didn’t want to publish his translation unless it was authorized and he received signs that it was authorized. His translation was the nineteenth translation.
1:06:55 – Answers how he knows he is the messenger of God.
1:10:15 – Gives examples of the mathematical code in the Quran.
1:15:30 – Sura 9 is a Medinan sura and the last two false verses are Meccan.
1:19:00 – A sincere believer would not lie and say he’s a messenger of God. A person who finds something in the Quran, especially if it’s the secret miracle of the Quran, must be a sincere believer and wouldn’t possibly lie about being a messenger of God.
1:27:20 – Talks about intercession.

Mathematical Miracle of the Quran

1:05 – Explains how the mathematical miracle was discovered. Rashad said he didn’t like any of the English translations of the Quran and some of them distorted basic doctrines of the Quran, which encouraged him to do his own translation, also for his children. He pledged not to move on from each verse until he understood what it meant and he got stuck on A.L.M. in Sura 2:1.
3:05 – He put the whole Quran in the computer. He looked for mathematical patterns involving the initials and after four years, he found a common denominator of nineteen.
16:15 – Explains significance of why missing Bismillah is mentioned in Sura 27. When you count from Sura 9, which has no Bismillah, to Sura 27, which has two Bismillahs, there are nineteen suras (including Sura 9 and Sura 27 themselves in the count, too). Also, adding the numbers of the suras (9+10+11…+27 = 342) gives you a multiple of nineteen. The number 342 is the exact number of words between the two Bismillahs of Sura 27.
54:55 – Explains why the number nineteen is the common denominator in the Quran. Nineteen is the numerical value of the Arabic word for “one” (wahed).

what life is all about

1:20 – The biggest problem in the world today is that people don’t know who they are. Their priorities are all mixed up.
6:25 – The soul is literally a piece of God. God says if you have anything to do with Him, your soul will grow. In the Bible, at the beginning, it says God breathed into Adam the breath of life, so the soul is part of God’s breath.
7:25 – The real person is a few billion years old.
15:25 – Money, fame, and beauty do not bring happiness. There is always something missing. Gives example of Eddie Murphy. If you have a body that has everything it wants, but the soul isn’t nourished, happiness will be missing.
24:20 – “Who is God” video begins.
44:55 – “Signature of the Creator” video begins.
1:07:05 – There’s a deliberate superhuman design that binds the Quran’s chapters, verses, words, and letters because if one letter was changed, deleted, or added, the whole system collapses. The fact that this system was discovered 1400 years after its creation, proves that it has been perfectly preserved.

arabic lessons

00:20 – Teaches the Arabic alphabet, English equivalents, and how to write and pronounce the letters.
21:25 – Teaches vowels.
44:20 – Shows which letters don’t connect to other letters, how to connect the other letters, and differences in what the letters look like at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.
1:00:10 – Talks about feeling intimidated when learning Arabic. You become afraid of things when you’re ignorant of them. Ignorance creates fear, but once you know, it becomes very easy.
1:03:40 – Shows how to write Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (in the name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful).
1:16:00 – Shows how to write As-Salaamun Alaykum (peace be upon you), Alhamdulillah (praise God), “how are you?”, “thank you”, InshaAllah (God willing), and MashaAllah (this is what God has given me).
1:24:20 – Teaches grammar. Shows verb conjugations for “to write”, “to read”, “to eat”, and “to praise”.
1:39:20 – Shows how to read Sura 1 of the Quran.